Dear stranger,

If you ever wanted
to write but
doubted your
writing skills,
today I urge you to
pen down whatever
is inside your
heart without the
fear of judgment.
Poetry has no
rules, it’s a form
of expression.
In the times we
live in, it’s so
important to open
up and share what
you’re going
thorough and how you
see the world and
how you want to see
it. Remember your
words are powerful.
They can impact
your own life and
lives of people
around you. Use
them wisely.


Projecting yourself!

A car that is not visible in the dark is likely to meet with an accident. The person whose output or achievements do not come to the notice is those who matter, is most likely to fail in accomplishing the desired results. It is not enough to work alone – you must make your presence felt. Projecting yourself produces mega results!

               If your efforts go unnoticed, all you do only enters the records. Properly projected work can bring about die returns. To be successful in life, what you do must frequently strike the minds of those who matter. Opening a shop is one thing- and that may be easy. But attracting people to it and getting them enthused about buying your products and services? AHH!! That is an entirely different matter! If your customers do not know that you have opened a shop, and if you cannot get them to enter and make some purchases, what’s the use of opening the shop?

              Anyone who shoes away from projecting himself/herself, keeps off success. Many a small effort by way of the right degree of self projection has fetched commendable success. If you don’t get noticed you don’t get anything in return. It is essential that you get noticed, but in an artful, tactful and through healthy means without screaming or cheap trickery! Do well whatever you do and then make it public.

    If you are a student, discuss both your progress as well as your problems with your teachers. Participate in extra curricular activities and events if significance. If you work in an office share your success stories and achievements with your bosses and seniors. Always remember, proper self projection prevents poor performance and poor response. 

                   Either Project – Or Perish!


You have to carefully mark energies

Energies that pull you down,

That keep you from being unabashedly happy,

That generate guilt,

Know that they are not yours,

Know that they are borrowed,

Or rather dumped at you.

They certainly do not belong to you.

You have to shed them and move ahead.

Anything that makes you feel inadequate or not enough,

Too loud, or not enough,

Too rouge and not sophisticated enough,

Too much of something and yet not enough of something else.

If it sets a limit of how wild, or wise, or vain or bold you have to be,

Know that those limits are just imposed.

These are the energies that have creeped into you and are parasitic.

You do not need to host them,

You have to listen to your body

And hear the sound of repugnance it makes.

Become incapable of being a host.

Disassociate from all negativity that is thrown at you.

If you cannot disassociate from the people who throw it, become a vast shining pool of light that overwhelmes the parasite, blinds it, transforms it.

Yet never make transformation your duty.

The light in your pool is to keep you afloat, and whoever whatever trips into it, they float too.

Spring up by your actions!

Impulse your life with action.
Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen instead.
Make your own future.
Make your own hope.
Make your own love.
And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself right now, right down here on the Earth 🌎

Was she born a path breaker….Or was she nurtured into one?

She has a story
She does has a story
A story full of all the amendments, appreciations, justifications and rejections. Personality wise she was vibrant.
A female with heck lot of aspirations.
She detest the people who don’t let the small little saplings to grow into great successful leaders. She detest them too who thinks she is infirm.
The tribe sometimes oppressed her.
The tribe sometimes banished her out.
But she holding exuberance and fearless as her quality..proved herself as a “SHE”RO every damn time.
To infringe the law of people was the only option she had.
And doing all the above actions never made her sad.
Despite being a warrior in process, she inherited the strengths from a place.
She cultivated those from the backbone she possessed in the form of humans…”HER PARENTS”

And hence, she was born a path breaker as well as nurtured into one!